You love photography, but aren’t sure how to to begin with it?  Photography has become a need of our daily lives, isn’t it? Thus, it is always better to learn the art of photography. Here are few basic photography  tips:

Look the subject in your eye:

When you are taking a picture of someone, you should  hold the camera at the eye level of the person . The beauty of the eye will be captured and the click will be super awesome. If you subject is children, you need to come to their level. You can opt for instagram search for more amazing clicks.

Basic Photography Tips

Plain background:

It is always better to click in a plain background as your object is to give attention to the subject and not the background. Let the camera be set in such a way that it gives a touch of the background and also focuses on the subject.

Use flash outdoors:

If you are clicking  the pictures in the bright sunlight, you have to think about the shadows as well. You can get rid of these shadows by using the flash. This will lighten your face and the shadow will not be a hindrance in the photography. You have an option of  fill-flash mode or full-flash mode. The fill-flash mode is used for the person if he/she is within five feet  and full-flash mode can be used  if the person is beyond five feet. Have a check n instagram search and you will see the difference.

Move in close:

You can either zoom the subject to get the clarity or move in close to click the subject. This usually happens when the subject is smaller than the surroundings. You need to fill the picture area and focus on your subject than the other objects, thus it is better to move little closer to the subject. If you get too close to the picture, it might become blurry. Thus, adjust the distance.

Flash Range:

We hardly give any importance to the flash range. It is a great mistake to ignore the flash range and click the pictures. If you have taken pictures beyond the flash range, you are sure to get some dark pictures. Most of the cameras have 15 feet as the flash range. If you want to know about the flash range of your camera, you can check in the manual or else check online. You can also call up the customer care and ask your flash range.

Hope this article has been informative to you. There are several tips to be considered if you want that perfect click. You do not have to a professional, but you can always improve by clicking more and more pictures. You can also attend photography workshops or read online articles to get a basic understanding of the photography. There are several pictures in instagram search which will just leave you spellbound. Do share your feedback and experience with us.