for each and every music lover, who prefers to listen to music on the go effortlessly, then portable speakers is absolutely mandatory for them. Such portable speakers do not have unwanted wiring like the ordinary and traditional speakers do. However, one might have to connect cords to these speakers while playing music from the phone, but with these portable speakers, one simply has to connect the device via Bluetooth to a speaker and songs will start playing smoothly. One major advantage of these speakers is that they are light and come in various sizes.

Bazooka Speaker

Advantages of the bazooka speaker:

With this newest generation Bluetooth speaker, users can go wherever they want within 30 feet from the speaker as well as play music wirelessly. It is compatible with iPhones, Androids, Windows, Blackberrys, Macs and any device which is compatible with Bluetooth. The bazooka speaker features amazing LED lights that are sound activated and illuminate a full room. With multiple settings, the colors of the lights can be changes along with the track that the user is playing. The effects look great specifically when lights in a room have been turned off. With the special SD and USB ports, users can use their SD cards or USBs as playlists or albums by placing the music files on these. On inserting USB or the SD card in respective ports the speaker will start playing the songs automatically. Users get to skip songs with buttons that come alongside the interactive display. Microphone and Guitar Inputs are also included in front of this speaker. The two audio jacks of 1/4″ allow connecting microphones and/or instruments and playing the music which is a boon to the karaoke parties or while making announcements. The volume and echo of the instruments are easily controllable separately from the music that is playing irrespective of any other inputs.

Other features that make the bazooka speaker a favorite: Other features include the Auxiliary Input of 3.5mm that permits easy connection to any device using auxiliary cables.
For added portability, the bazooka speaker comes with a battery and shoulder strap that allows charging the device and carrying it anywhere. A 2000 mAh battery facilitates playing music for up to 6 hours or more.  Furthermore, with 80W RMS, this bazooka speaker is absolutely power packed.

Specifications in nutshell:

  • Remote Control included
  • Rechargeable 2000 mAh Battery
  • 2 Subwoofers 6.5’’ alongside Two Tweeters
  • FM Radio and Bluetooth®
  • The powerful USB/SD MP3 Player
  • Auxiliary Input
  • Audio Jacks 1/4″ (two) alongside Volume and Echo Control
  • Music Power of about 120 RMS (1100W PMPO)
  • Frequency Range of 20Hz to 18KHz
  • Power Supply provided by AC: 110V-230V 50-60Hz
  • The Unit Weight: about 28lbs

Do the speakers come with a warranty?
All speakers come with their 2 year warranty. The company shall be covering non accidental issues with a user’s speaker without any charge within two years from the day of purchase of the unit. In order to qualify for such a warranty, the users have to pay for shipping charges in order to get speakers from and to the warehouse.