After talking about it for years, you’re finally ready to turn your idea for an online store into a reality. Although you have no shortage of passion, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ve never created an eCommerce website. Still, everyone has to start somewhere – and a lack of eCommerce experience certainly doesn’t bar you from succeeding in the world of online retail. The following tips will help ensure that your first foray into online store ownership goes off without a hitch.


Sleek, Modern-Looking Site Design

A lack of web design experience prevents a substantial number of budding entrepreneurs from creating online stores. While this was a legitimate problem 10 years ago, being a web design novice no longer has to prevent your eCommerce site from seeing the light of day. If your design experience leaves something to be desired, simply use site creation software when building your online store. Cutting-edge software – like the kind from Network Solutions – allows both budding and experienced web designers to create professional-looking sites with ease. Utilizing premade templates, stock images, menus and buttons, today’s site creation software gives everyone the power to build aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly websites.

Mobile Browsing Optimization

As of 2013, traditional computers are no longer the most popular browsing tools worldwide. When it comes to modern-day web browsing, smart phones are most people’s device of choice. Whereas using a computer requires you to be in a specific location – i.e., your home or workplace – you can surf the web from a smart phone or tablet anywhere and at any time. That being the case, your eCommerce website will need to be optimized for mobile browsing if you truly wish to succeed in today’s marketplace. Suffice to say, any website creation software you use should feature mobile optimization tools. Alternatively, if you choose to enlist the services of a professional web designer, make sure that she’s well-versed in mobile optimization. A site that doesn’t offer flawless accessibility to mobile users is not going to thrive in the 21st century.

Social Media Promotion

Not only are social media giants like Facebook and Twitter fantastic vehicles for staying in touch with friends and family members, they’re also cost-effective marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. In advance of your store’s grand opening, create accounts for it across the social media spectrum. To generate a healthy amount of buzz, use popular keywords and hashtags in your posts – and encourage interested parties to share and retweet your updates. A single share has the power to bring your site to the attention of hundreds – possibly thousands – of prospective customers, so don’t skimp on social media-based promotional efforts.

Getting your first eCommerce website off the ground is liable to seem like a lofty undertaking. Luckily, with all the convenient tools readily available to aspiring entrepreneurs, opening an online store no longer requires a tremendous amount of time or effort. When preparing to launch your very first eCommerce website, remember to seek out top-notch site creation tools, emphasize mobile optimization and engage in ample social media promotion.