There is only one main reason why people transfer from a single web host to another – they have found something better than what they have now. The problem is, how will you be able to transfer to another host without encountering downtime?

Honestly, it may be complicated, but do not worry. Just follow these steps for you to have a smooth process.

Web Host to Another

Step 1

Join your new host. Never Inform your previous web host providers that you will be cancelling. Also,do not process a cancellation with them. Keep it a secret because they can immaturely kill your website that would cause a downtime.

Step 2

Now, you have accounts that have two hosting providers. You will now migrate all of your site’s content from your old host to your new one. How do you do this?

1.Connect to your old host’s FTP

2.Download all of your files

3.Connect them to your new host’s FTP

4.Upload all of them (Note: Maintain the same file and folder structure)

Step 3

Have a backup copy of any database from the old host. Have the files uploaded via FTP to the new host. Through SSH or cPanel’s phpMyAdmin,restore your databases from your backup files.

You can archive your emails from the old host since emails don’t usually transfer. To do this, make a POP3 connection to every email addresses. This will download all the old emails to your local computer. Those old emails will be saved on the new host, making it eligible to receive new emails.

Step 4

When you already have a copy of your site on your two hosting accounts, what you have to do is to change the DNS of your domain name.

After that, your new host will give you the correct name servers or DNS. You might need to contact your new host to know the settings to be used for the DNS of your domain name.

Step 5

When you already have the correct DNS, you should go to the company where you made a purchase of your domain name. There, you should make the changes.

If you bought your domain from your host, you should ask them to change the DNS. You can say to them, “Hi, my domain with you is; please change the name server to and”

Step 6

Once the changes have been made, you have to wait for 48 hours before your site will load from your new host. Your DNS will be cultivating worldwide and will be loading from either your old or new host during those 48 hours. When the time needed is complete, your site will only be loading from the new host.

Step 7

Your DNS will be working. What you will do is to contact your old host and cancel your account with them, but if you bought your domain name from them, do not cancel your domain registration.

If you were able to complete all the above steps, you have successfully migrated to a new host without encountering a downtime. If you are having difficulties with your current web host and if you are looking for a new host, you should do a thorough research about the new host that you will choose. You should pick one that has a quicker performance and has better hosting organizations. That way, you will be provided with the resources that you will need to help your site reach its full potential.