With a variety of emerging and contending specifications for the various mobile devices, it’s tempting to consider a fast fix for the enterprise mobile needs. Mobile Enterprise Application Systems attempt to leverage established back-ends making them available to both android and I’OS (and hypothetically, BlackBerry and WP-7).

Software PlatformsThis can be a high goal and at some level MEAPs could be successful, but there are some important factors while analyzing a MEAP-based solution.Define that which you hope to achieve with your mobile endeavor. In case your goals require a moderate amount of interaction between the tool and the user, then a MEAP-based remedy will most likely miss user anticipations. MEAPs have to function across multiple systems with minor personalization, and because of this “lowest common denominator” design necessity, the knowledge typically seems smooth or cumbersome. A MEAP can’t make the most of architecture or conferences not present with all devices and it is those differences that attract visitors to iOS or Android or BlackBerry gadgets. Whether it’s the full lexicon of gestures or a few of the hardware advantages, none of those are available for a MEAP to use.

Be care when purchasing specialized development. MEAPs in many cases are proprietary, and customizing and maintaining them can be a specialized skill. Organizations will either need to depend on the vendor for help or invest in teaching these skills to personnel. Adding a new technology to your stack (even one that’s supposed save you some work) includes long-term ramifications. If what you’re trying to accomplish is core to your enterprise, a MEAP-based solution might be an excessive amount of a danger.

HTML 5 is originating. Because HTML5 is really a standard that every mobile phone will eventually need to support, it can be considered a MEAP. This is an evolving standard and doesn’t make the most of mobile phone native features, but it’s not proprietary and HTML5 skills will be easier to find down the road. The question with HTML5 is “when?” When will the conventional solidify enough for that open source community to construct the tools and features to produce HTML5 development greater than a curiosity?

When the use of a mobile enterprise program platform?

MEAPs could be a good fit when you’re attempting to produce a simple mobile content portal for customers. The main focus ought to be a quick, cost-effective way to leverage paperwork and media from the mobile phone. Avoid customization and keep user interaction minimum. Make use of the strength associated with the chosen MEAP, such as the be overly committed.

Realize that when you’re ready to maneuver right into a much more serious enterprise mobile solution, you’ll probably have to start over completely from scratch to be right.