In our present society, with crime rates on the rise and many possibly scenarios of danger presenting themselves out of ordinary situations, the need to be alert, cautious, and aware is more than ever a pressing need. However, it can sometimes become difficult, especially given the busy and hectic schedules that comprise our daily lives, to pay attention to our surroundings and exercise caution. Sometimes we take for granted the security that we have, and we have not prepared ourselves for the eventuality of a catastrophic scenario emerging. One very useful skill to have in our arsenal in the war against indecisiveness and danger is situational awareness. It is an ability which any person may learn, and keep with them throughout their lives. No matter what location a person is in or where they travel, being aware of certain things will put them into a good position in case anything happens. By preparing for the worst in advance, your success ratio in the event of a robbery or other life-threatening situation increases exponentially. Here are some tips for increasing your situational awareness and response management while becoming a survival expert.

Situational Awareness

Observe your surroundings frequently. Look for signs of emotional distress when scanning the faces of people in your location. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re planning something nasty, but it could be an indication of it. Look at the expected behavior of people in an area, and cross-check if the behavior exhibited by that person is similar or doesn’t match up. At the very least, it’s something for you to watch out for.

When choosing a seat at a table in a restaurant, at the cinema, or even while walking through the mall, always check for the nearest entrances and exits. If you need to make a quick getaway, it will really come in handy. If you need to use your phone in a crowded area, keep your back to a wall and always be aware via your peripheral vision if a person comes too close. Be aware of any shady characters that are looking at you for an extended period of time. The idea is not to become paranoid, but to exhibit a feeling of awareness and confidence that any would-be wrongdoers will pick up on and hopefully change to another target.

By utilizing these tips to increase your situational awareness, not only are you decreasing the danger ratio for yourself and loved ones, but learning a valuable life-skill in the process.